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Typically a recruiting staff for a collegiate volleyball program initiates a recruiting plan by first identifying potential recruits, followed by communicating their interests on a player and their abilities. Much like an applicant must present the desired employer with a resume to market their skills for the appropriate position, an athlete will need to present a coach with a volleyball resume that markets them accurately and allows the coach to assess them on paper. This is how a player is first identified by a program as a possible potential recruit. A volleyball resume is attached in the first initial contact from player to coach. There a several important factors a player will need to include in contact email and resume. Keep in mind that college coaches get a ton of emails and resume’s daily and there are several factors that need to be included to catch the eye of the coach. The resume will need to include the following on a single page as follows in the “Resume Checklist.”

1. Letter of Interest with Academic Interests
2. Graduation Year
3. First and last name
4. Contact information such as phone numbers, email, home address, and parent contact information
5. Height measured in feet and inches
6. Approach touch and block touch in feet and inches
7. Club and high school coach contact information
8. Athletic accomplishments ie. All-Tournament, All-District, All-Conference, and All-State
9. Photo just as you would look on the court
10. Club and high school schedule
11. A DVD or the following: Introduction, short skills segment, unedited game footage. Make sure that you identify what your uniform number is.
12. A link to any You-Tube footage

– Update your resume often.
– Be sure to have someone proof your final product (coaches get several resume’s a day and your resume should stand out!
– Email or mail it directly to the coaching staff (don’t send out a mass email and address it individually).