1. QUESTION: Where is the OP2 Training Facility located?

OP2 Training Facility – Physical Address:
11626 N. I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73131

The Peak Training Facility is located between Hefner Road and N.E. 122nd Street on the I-35 east side service road. From N.E. 122nd Street and the I-35 east side service road (there is an IHOP on the corner), go 1/2 mile south past the Hampton Inn and the Shamrock gas station. Look for a lot of RV’s and the large sign for “American RV Outfitters” and turn in there. We are located in the same complex as American RV Outfitters. Take the road east past the RV’s and look for our three buildings.

2. QUESTION: Where do I go online to view my balance on club fees or to make a payment? CLICK HERE to go to the Active Network login site to view your payment information, balance, or to make a payment.

3. QUESTION: Who do I contact about:

A. Tryouts or other general information questions – Randy Decker – radecker@att.net

B.  Private and small group lessons? – Will Ethridge – willethr@gmail.com

C.  Fee payment questions? – Randy Decker – radecker@att.net

D.  Player uniforms and equipment? – Jeff Boyland – jeff.op2vb@gmail.com

E.  OP2 clothing, Active Ankles, and decals? – Will Ethridge – willethr@gmail.com

F.  Camps, clinics, and developmental programs for 8 – 13 year olds? – Randy Decker – radecker@att.net

G.  Corporate sponsorship? – Bill Hamiter – billop2vb@ionet.net

H.  Strength and conditioning? – Lisa Polcovich – polcovich@sbcglobal.net

I.  Registration of players, coaches, and teams? Edgar Miraku – edgarmiraku@yahoo.com

J. Website information or questions? Randy Decker – radecker@att.net

K. Questions about college recruiting? Randy Decker – radecker@att.net

3. QUESTION: What is club volleyball?

ANSWER: Click on the document below to see a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” about club volleyball.

FAQ’s – Club Tryouts 2016-2017

4. QUESTION: What is the quality of coaching that OP2 provides?

ANSWER: OP2 coaches have over 260 years of combined coaching experience! Our coaches currently work at the middle school, high school, collegiate, and U.S. National Team levels.

In addition to numerous collegiate conference championships and over 80 U.S. Junior Olympic national tournament appearances, our coaches have fifteen high school state championships, one collegiate national championship, and one USA High Performance championship to their credit.

5. QUESTION: What else does OP2 provide to help my child develop as a player and an athlete?

ANSWER: As a part of our vision to help players develop their fitness and conditioning performance, OP2 has partnered with iCrush Sports to work with each EP, National, and American team one day a week on areas such as speed training, agility, balance, jump training, strength and conditioning. This is provided by the club as part of your child’s overall training and development.


6. QUESTION: How do you incorporate character development into your training program for OP2 athletes?

ANSWER: As a part of our vision, OP2 encourages coaches to intentionally teach character principles in practice as well as while on the road at volleyball tournaments. Coaches use John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success Playbook to encourage character development in your child.

7. QUESTION: Who are the Board of Directors for OP2?

ANSWER: OP2 consists of nine people on the Board of Directors. Their names and job responsibilities are listed below:

Jeff Boyland – Team Uniforms

Randy Decker – Club Director and Developmental Programs

Greg Dewey – Player/Coach Recruitment

Will Ethridge- Facilities and OP2 Merchandise

Bill Hamiter – Operations Manager

Ellen Jezercak – Age Group Coordinator

Edgar Miraku – Business Manager/Web Site

Lisa Polcovich – Strength/Conditioning

8. QUESTION: Who do I contact if my child is interested in pursuing college volleyball and receiving a scholarship?

ANSWER: OP2 is pleased to have former and current Division I, II, and NAIA coaches on staff. You may contact any of these coaches(see bios of coaches and their schools under the Coaching Staff link).

In addition to some of the most knowledgeable coaches regarding the recruiting process, OP2 has partnered with sportsrecruits.net to provide recruiting services to all of our 15’s-18’s players. The cost of this service is provided as a part of your dues.

Also, once a year, we provide a college recruiting seminar free of charge for OP2 players and families. Players and parents have an opportunity to hear from Division I, II, III, NAIA, and junior college coaches regarding the recruiting process and steps to take to help their child receive a scholarship.